Mrs Claus aka Jan

Mrs. Claus (Jan) rode in the firetruck with Santa Ed, kicking off the Christmas Season in San Clemente at the annual "Puttin on the Glitz." Santa rode on top of the fire truck, but Mrs. Claus was more at home in the front seat with the driver.

After their arrival at the Community Center, Santa greeted all children who want to visit with him. While the children were waiting in line to visit with Santa, Mrs. Claus talked to them answering their questions about the North Pole, Santa's Elves, and Santa's favorite cookies.

Santa Ed and Mrs. Claus are the distinguished guests at corporate employee parties, fundraisers, and their favorite charities. While Santa is always "the favorite", Mrs. Claus is content to be a "close second." When Santa Ed visits the shopping malls and listens to children's "wish list", Mrs. Claus helps organize the many children and parents waiting to meet Santa and get their picture taken. While it is quite the challenge to come up with answers for all the questions the children ask, Mrs. Claus enjoys the opportunity to do so.

Mr & Mrs Claus aka Ed & Jan

Of all the visits she has made, her favorite is an appearance at a pre-school. Some of the children were very cautious about approaching Santa Ed, but they did not hesitate to sit on Mrs. Claus's lap right next to him and talk to him from there. Being a grandmother herself, she is very good with children and loves being around them.

Everyone knows Santa loves cookies which is why all the children leave him a plate of cookies and a glass of milk on Christmas Eve. But, Mrs. Claus knows Santa's favorite cookie that he eats all year round. To find out which one it is, and get the recipe that Mrs Claus uses to keep Santa Ed being a jolly guy all year round — Get Cookie Recipe